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Recording Studio, Music Production and Music Composition in Modesto, California


MUSIC the way you want it!



We are a full service professional recording studio in Modesto California serving the Central Valley for 30 years. We record bands, songwriters, singers, CD releases, demos, jingles, theater and dance music.


Your engineer, David Dow is music professional, composer, keyboard player, recording engineer and music professor at Modesto Junior College. He created the commercial music program at MJC and holds degrees in music composition from the MJC, University of California at Santa Barbara, San Jose State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has 50 years of professional music and recording experience. 25 years Pro Tools experience. Avid Certified Pro Tools Instructer

MAMA award winner.



David Dow Control Room New.JPEG


David Dow performs his composition "Pisces: The Hand of Time" at the 2022 International Computer Music Conference at The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance University of Limerick in Limerick Ireland on July 7, 2022. Composed at AMP.


Recording artist Boscoe's Brood - Sam Regalado completes his new album "Shadows" and tours the Pacific Northwest to promote the album. Recorded and mixed at AMP.


Country Indie recording artist Richard Hall places Number  2 "FIreflies" and Number 8 "It's Time For A Change" on the National Country Internet Radio Airplay chart for 2013. Recorded, mixed and mastered at AMP.


R&B singer and recording artist Tony Washington has 343,000 hits on You Tube for his video and song "Show Me". The music was mixed and mastered at AMP.



800 square foot recording studio features acoustic design and treatment, isolation booth, drum booth, large selection of instruments,  microphones and mic preamps. Pro Tools HD3 multi-track recording system, Mogami and Canare cabling for superior sound.



On site recording is available with multi-track and studio grade mics.



Mixing is handled in the Pro Tools system with Avid, Waves, Universal Audio and Antares software plug-ins. Outboard hardware processing  is also available and the Control 24 control surface is used to assist in blending the multiple tracks into stereo or surround sound final mixes.



Mastering is the art of taking a stereo mix and making it sound the best it can. Each song is evaluated and treated to create the best translation between different speaker systems. The volume level on the songs on your CD will be uniform and song will receive a seperate treatment not a factory preset.



CD duplication is available for up to 300 copies.



Transfers are available from cassette tape, reel to reel, 78, 45 and 33 1/3 vinyl, 8 track tape, DAT and ADAT to audio file or CD.




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