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Aurora Music Productions is a professional recording studio located in Modesto, CA, featuring the best of both

vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion. Block rates are available. Call for more information. David at 209-571-2602

David Dow Control Room New.JPEG
STUDIO TIME: Call for rates (Engineer included)

Studio time is hourly and covers tracking and setup time if you bring your own drums.

MIXING: Call for rates

Mixing is handled in the Pro Tools system with Avid, Waves, Universal Audio and Antares software plug-ins. Outboard hardware processing  is also available and the Control 24 control surface is used to assist in blending the multiple tracks into stereo or surround sound final mixes.

MASTERING: Call for rates

Mastering is the art of taking a stereo mix and making it sound the best it can. Each song is evaluated and treated to create the best translation between different speaker systems. The volume level on the songs on your CD will be uniform and song will receive a seperate treatment not a factory preset.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a quote

50 years as a music composer, over 150 compositions and a Master of Arts degree in music composition. I can take your lryics and create a melody with chords in a song structure so you can sing your song.

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