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20x14 control room with acoustic treament and sound isolation.


25x16 studio room with instruments, sink and microwave


10 x 8 drumbooth with dampening


8x7 vocal booth


2 additional isolation booths


Acoustic reverb chamber




State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineer

Top Notch Acoustics

Pro Tools HD5 (40 DSP's) Recording System

32 analog and digital inputs 192 I/O, 2-888/24 I/O's Lucid Wordclock, 1-UAD2 Octo card, 1 UAD2 Quad Satellite (12 DSP's) for Universal Audio plug-ins


Pro Tools Mix System

Mix Core Card and 4 DSP Farms, 888 I/O

Pro Tools 002 System

002 Rack and Pro Tools LE
16 Track ADAT
8 Track Reel to Reel
Tascam 48
4 Track Reel to Reel
Teac 3340A
1/2 Track Reel to Reel Mixdown
Otari 5050m
Digidesign Control 24

16 Focusrite microphone preamps, control surface and monitor section.


Tascam Digital Mixer DM3200

16 channel digital mixer


Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer

16 channel digital mixer


2-Vintage Neumann U87, AKG D-112, AKG 460b CK1capsule, 2-AKG C-1000, 2-AKG SE-5, Audio Technica 4050-CM5, 2-Audio Technica 4051A, 2-Cascade FatheadII, 2-DPA 4061, Electro Voice RE20, 2-Octava M319, Rode NTK, Rode N4 Stereo Mic, 3-Sennheiser MD-421-U5, 6-Shure SM-57, 6-Shure SM-58
Millennia TD-1, 2-Countryman,  3-Radial D2 Stereo DI, 2-Pro-formance DI 

George DeMaria ADL 600 Stereo, 2-Universal Audio 6176, Millennia TD-1 (HV-3)



Lexicon MPX1, Yamaha SPX-90, 2-BBE Sonic Maximizers


2-Genelec 1031A, 2-JBL 4412, 2-JBL 308, 2-Tannoy System 2, 1-Tannoy Reflex, 2-Yamaha NS-10, 2-JBL 4628B, M-Audio BX-10 Subwoofer




Furman HDS 6 Channel Headphone System, 2-AKG K-240DF, 4-AKG K-240, AKG K-70, 5-Sony MDR-7506, 2-Extreme Isolation EX-29


Pro Tools HD5 System Version 10, Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.12, Logic Pro 10, Reason 12, Waves Mercury Plugins, 1-Quad UAD2 card, 1-UAD2 Satellite with Universal Audio Plugins,  Neve, Harrison, Helios, Pultec, Fairchild, EMT140 Plate, Cambridge, UA Precision, Teletronics, Aphex, DBX and Roland Plugins. Antares AutoTune TDM 7, Harmony Engine, Mic Mod EFX, McDSP Everything Bundle, Arturia Effects.



Native Instruments Kontact Komplete 12, Arturia Collection 9, Arturia Pigments, 1K Multimedia Workstation XL, MetaSynth CTX 1.4, MAX with MSP, Pure Data, Garage Band, Csound, Super Collider, Finale, Sibelius and Musescore



Auria 48 track, Fire, iProRecorder, Garage Band, iMPC, Akai Synthstation, Korg iMS-20, Roland Rebirth, Moog Animoog, LaunchKey, Beatmaker, Bebot, Sound Prism, SampleTank, Sample Wiz, iGrand Piano, iKaossilator,


Yamaha Recording Custom Birch Drumset, Ludwig Snare, Ziljin A Custom and Sabian cymbals. Akai MPC-2500 Drum Machine, Roland R-8 Drum Machine, Boss DR-660 Drum Machine, Alesis D4 Drum Module with drum triggers.



American Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha F-100 Acoustic Guitar, Fender Precision Bass,  Roland120  Jazz Chorus Amp, POD Version 2 Amp Simulator, Amplitude, Guitar Rig, AMP Farm and Nigel.



Mason and Hamlin AA Grand Piano, Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie M-122 Rotary Speaker, Fender Rhodes 73 Mark 1 Electric Piano, Wurlitzer Model 720 Electric Piano (Spinet)



Yamaha Motif ES, Yamaha MoXF8, Korg Krome 73, Kurzweil PC2X, Kurzweil K2000VP, Kurzweil K2000V3, MiniMoog Model D, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3 with MIDI, Yamaha DX7IIFD, CAT SRM, Casio CZ1000, Casio VZ-8M, Casio WK7500, Ensoniq EPS 16+. Ensoniq Mirage, Korg Triton Rack, Korg Wavestation AD, Korg M1REX, Yamaha TG77, Yamaha TG33, Yamaha TX81z, Roland JV1080, Roland D-550, Roland Juno 106, Roland JP-8P, Emu Proteus 2,  M-Audio Venom, Arturia MicroFreak, Arturia Keylab 61 MkII controller, Keith. McMillen K Board Pro 4 MPE Controller and Roli Seaboard Rise 49 MPE Controller


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